This is the page that hosts our popular virtual events. Like our previous Facebook events, items will be loaded in groups and the first to pounce, gets the item!!! The event will be run for 24 hours and after that, it disappears! While the event is held on our website, discussion takes place on our Facebook page. Please like and follow our page to join in the conversation!

All the items on our virtual events are available for UK wide Delivery for a fee of £4 per order. If you make multiple purchases to ensure you don't lose items, only select standard delivery the first time. For additional purchases select the repeat purchase option, so delivery isn't charged more than once. If you select repeat purchase (which is free) but only make one purchase, don't worry we can charge for delivery separately after the event. If you make multiple purchases and pay delivery more than once, don't worry, we WILL refund you. 

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Before the event only the "Virtual Event Sale info" will show on the menu.

During the event if you click refresh, the pages with the categories will appear as they are released.

As the event continues more and more pages will appear with the new categories. Be quick!


A sneak preview of what you can expect to see on the event.

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