Online Virtual event information

  1. Join us on the Facebook Event to be a part of the discussion around the event with any questions you have.

  2. To shop go to our website and head to “Virtual Event Shop”. There is additional information on there.

  3. At 8pm click refresh and then go to the new category that will appear under Virtual Event Shop.

  4. The items will all be displayed in a Virtual Event Shop. One page per category. No need to comment, just click add to cart and check out!

  5. Click refresh at the times detailed on our Facebook post to bring up each category under the Virtual Event Shop

  6. Stretch those fingers and get ready to grab a bargain

  7. The event runs for 24 hours so after that time it will be removed from the website, so don't dawdle!


How it works

  1. The items will be loaded in categories just like the Facebook event. But rather than commenting to get the item, then paying later after the event when the sale is confirmed, buyers pay immediately.

  2. You can add multiple items to your cart and then pay. However, if you really want something then buy it straight away to secure it, then keep shopping. 

  3. We will then ship all your items for £4. You only pay shipping once no matter how many items you buy, or if you check out more than once.


Shipping/pick up

  1. The first time you purchase an item please select standard delivery. If you purchase items more than once then select the "repeat purchase" option on follow up purchases. This is so that you don’t pay for shipping more than once.

  2. If you only make one purchase, or keep items in your cart and then check out in one go just select standard delivery

  3. If you wish to pick up your items from us then please select pick up.

  4. If it goes wrong and you pay too much shipping, or you don’t pay it when you should have done. Don’t worry. We will figure it all out after the event and refund you! Don’t worry, we have you covered!


1. If you become a member then you can save your payment details allowing for a fast check out. This means that you can buy items quickly, meaning you are less likely to miss out if you want multiple products.



  1. Before the event, during the event and after, we will be on Facebook and messenger. Just ask and we will be happy to assist you.

  2. This is the first time we have done this following the Facebook debacle……so it might be a learning journey for us all! But we can’t think of any better people to take this journey with then all of our lovely shoppers!


Last and by no means least, enjoy yourself. Have fun, grab a bargain. Any worries, get in touch! As always, we are here to help. Let the games begin………!

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