Information for Sellers

Virtual Event Details

There are various ways to sell at one of our Virtual Events!

If you are local to the North West we can arrange to visit you and bulk buy your items.

Or you can sell your items yourself and we will keep a proportion of the sales as a listing fee, rather than charging a flat rate "table fee".  We will list all of the items for you and deliver/post all of your items, taking away the hassle of waiting in or shipping items yourself! For this service we charge 20%. This way you only pay if your item sells and we do everything for you.

After the Virtual Event there are a few options that you can choose.  You can relist any remaining items at another Event, have them returned back to you, or we can offer you a price to bulk buy them from you.    

Physical Event Details

Pick your nearest location and book a table on a convenient date. 

Pre-Loved tables range from £15 to £20 (Event dependant) and includes the table itself with room to the side for your clothing rail and room to the front for your larger items.  

At the Event you will arrive an hour before the Event begins and set up your table. All the money you make on the day is yours!

Clothing Rails are available to hire for £3 for the Event and are subject to availability.  Please send an email to: or a Facebook message to book your rail.  All Tables are Non Refundable and Non Transferable.

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