Master Chef eat your heart out!  This beautiful pink wooden kitchen lets your little ones imitate mom & dad while preparing yummy meals.  The Macaron Maxi Cooker is made from wood and has a set of pegs for hanging 3 metal spoons, 1 metal saucepan, 1 metal casserole pot and lid, an oven glove, a fried egg and 7 cardboard food boxes (cacao, sugar, orange juice, flour, cheese, milk and rice). Just like a real kitchen, it has a hob complete with LED and sound effect : simply press the red buttons once to see the hob rings light up, then a second time to hear water boiling. The sound and hob rings switch off automatically after 30 seconds or by pushing the red buttons a third time. This fantastic, fully-equipped kitchen also has an oven, a microwave, a cupboard and refrigerator with magnetic doors, 3 knobs with sound effects, a stainless-steel sink, a clock and a blackboard. Height of the worktop : 57 cm / 22.4 in.

Janod Macaron Maxi Cooker

  • What's Included:

    3 Metal Spoons

    1 Metal Saucepan

    1 Metal Casserole Pot & Lid

    1 Oven Glove

    7 Cardboard Food Boxes

    1 Fried Egg

    Batteries (Not Included)




    Stainless Steel

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